• godric: i took your advice salazar
  • salazar: what advice
  • godric: about having giant versions of our house animals
  • salazar: oh no
  • godric: i got a 60 foot lion
  • salazar: oh no
  • godric: she's in the grounds right now
  • salazar: OH NO
  • godric: look out the window bro
  • salazar:
  • salazar: wait i dont see her
  • godric: yeah i was lion about the whole thing
  • salazar:
  • godric:
  • salazar: i cant believe i let that pun slytherin to the conversation
  • godric: ayyyyy
  • salazar: ayyyyy

What if…


…when the clock strikes 12 tonight, a video appears on Marks channel. Its silent, except for faint breathing and a distant heart beat. The screen in black. It plays tricks on your brain, making you think you’re seeing objects move, and form in the darkness. Then, red eyes burn through the infinite blackness, which turns to glitching and a title of ‘Welcome to the Month of Darkiplier’